Suggested Feeding Instructions

NuPath® supplements are packaged in convenient squeeze pouches. To use, simply twist the top of the pouch and squeeze out the recommended amount per the label instructions. Dogs typically love the taste of NuPath®, so you can simply give them a spoonful to lick off directly, or you can add as a pleasant topper or mix into their regular food. 

Suggested serving sizes are based on your dog’s weight. Because dogs’ weights and digestive systems vary, please monitor your dog’s habits and adjust amounts accordingly.

Less than 20 lbs: ½ Tbsp/day

20-50 lbs: 1 Tbsp/day

Greater than 50 lbs: 2 Tbsp/day

Refrigerate any unused portions and use within 30 days of opening.


NuPath® is a digestive supplement and not a treatment or cure for any medical disorder or disease. NuPath® is not a meal replacement. If you have questions about your dog’s health or diet, consult a veterinarian.