NuPath® supplements are the end result of one man’s efforts to help his dog.  In 2012, NuPath® founder Bill Miller was looking for a solution to his dog Rudy’s digestive issues.  Through research and discussion with his veterinarian, Bill learned that pumpkin helps support multiple health benefits in dogs, including digestion. That started Bill down a “new path” that led to the development of the Pure-Ease™ pumpkin puree blend that is the basis of each NuPath® product.  Puree is easier for dogs to digest, resulting in greater bioavailability of the supplement ingredients, and the pumpkin puree blend naturally supports a healthy digestive tract. In fact, the soluble fiber digestive therapy and delivery system in NuPath® supplements is so unique, it’s patent-pending. And Rudy? He gets NuPath® every day and is doing great!