5 Reasons to Introduce Your Dog to Pumpkin

Surely you’ve heard about the super food that’s gone to the dogs, right? Pumpkin is not just healthy for us; it’s healthy for our dogs too! Veterinarians have recommended it for dogs with digestive issues for years. It helps with diarrhea and constipation, and most dogs enjoy the taste. As an added bonus, NuPath® squeeze pouches make it easy to serve this power-packed supplement to your favorite furry friend!

So here are the top five health reasons (other than the fact that pumpkin is so “in” right now) you should be giving your dog pumpkin on a regular basis:

1.    Digestion

In its pure form, pumpkin is one of nature’s best fruits for regulating digestion and promoting a healthy digestive tract.  NuPath® pumpkin puree pouches do not contain any added sugars or fillers, unlike the regular canned pumpkin filling you see in the grocery store.  *NOTE: pumpkin pie filling is not the same thing as pure pumpkin puree, people! The proprietary Pure-Ease™ pumpkin puree base in NuPath® also contains oat fiber and psyllium, providing multiple sources of fiber which helps promote healthy digestion even more.

2.    Palatability

Pumpkin agrees with most dogs’ palates. In fact, they might even consider it a delicious treat!  And let’s face it, they’re too smart to be fooled by hidden pills and bland supplements, so why not give them something they actually like?

3.    Absorption

Unlike some pills and other supplements, the soluble fiber in NuPath® makes it easy for the dog’s system to absorb the supplement ingredients, such as the glucosamine in our Hip & Joint formula.  In other words, with just one serving your pet is utilizing more of the ingredients instead of feeding them to the lawn! 

4.    Yummy Food Topper

If your dog isn’t a fan of dry kibble, refer back to reason number 2. Dogs enjoy pumpkin, so just top that kibble off with a #SpoonfulADay to add a little extra jazz to Fido’s dinner.

5.    BONUS: NuPath™ Supplements!

As if the #PowerOfPumpkin wasn’t enough, NuPath® with Pure-Ease comes in four distinct supplements to aid in hip and joint mobility, promote calming,  support a healthy skin  and coat, or focus on healthy digestion. This means you’re getting two benefits in one – regular and comfortable digestion plus support for the specific supplemental needs of your Best Furry Friend.