Our Story Begins with Rudy

DogGestive Daily is a company started by people who love their dogs, plain and simple.  But it all really begins with a little dog named Rudy.  One of the company’s founders (and Rudy’s biggest fan) looked out in his backyard one day and noticed Rudy looked uncomfortable.  Rudy wasn’t sick; he just seemed to be having digestive problems.  To put it candidly, Rudy was having trouble pooping.  

Rudy’s owner began researching digestive help for dogs and learned all-natural pumpkin is one of the best remedies to help a dog’s digestion.  Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber and many pet foods do not provide an adequate amount of daily fiber for dogs.  Pumpkin also is an amazing food for dogs because it can help relieve both constipation and diarrhea.  Best of all, most dogs like to eat pumpkin! 

Problem was, pumpkin – without sugars or pie fillers – isn’t consistently available in the marketplace.

Dogs need digestive help just like we do and Rudy’s owner saw a need for a healthy and convenient digestive supplement for dogs.  Human indigestion is something we all know about but did you know canine indigestion also can be a problem for dogs? 

After talking with veterinarians who endorse the use of pumpkin for dogs, Rudy’s owner decided to develop DogGestive Daily.  Relying on his years of experience in the consumer food product industry, Rudy’s owner worked closely with a veterinarian who specializes in animal nutrition research and together they developed the unique blend of pumpkin, oat fiber and psyllium that is DogGestive Daily.

In a world full of canine health products, DogGestive Daily wanted to do something different. Our healthy fiber supplement will help your dog live a life of comfort and happiness.

Our convenient and pre-mixed squeeze packets make it easy to maintain your dog’s digestive health.  DogGestive Daily is recommended for all small and large breeds – every dog deserves good digestive health!

And Rudy?  Well, he’s feeling just fine now, thanks to DogGestive Daily.