Maintaining That Fall Coat

The cold fall months are upon us! As we start lighting the fire in the evening, turning on our heaters and packing on the layers, it’s important that we also keep our furry friends in mind. By ensuring their fur is in tiptop shape, you will also be helping to keep them warm and comfortable.  Smooth, untangled, healthy fur is best for keeping your canine companions looking and feeling their best and we’ve got just the way to do it!

NuPath® and the power of Pure-Ease™, the proprietary pumpkin puree blend base, allows for maximum absorption of the active ingredients while at the same time helping support a healthy digestive tract – double bonus! 

Specifically, our Skin & Coat formula is packed with Vitamin A, Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and flaxseed to help with those dry flaky skin issues that come with the low humidity and cold weather this time of year. The Skin & Coat formula also promotes healthy, thick, shiny fur, which is great for playing outside in the snow, and of course looks good in pictures for the holiday cards! This deliciously smart supplement can be easily added to your dog’s meal or your dog can lick it directly off the spoon.

Pairing our supplement with regular grooming and a massaging brush a couple times a week will help keep the coat looking fresh and clean on the outside and help promote healthy coat growth from the inside. This simple addition to your dog’s diet not only tastes great, it helps them to enjoy the holiday season and cool weather as much as we do!