The Best Dog Gone Crafts

For a lot of us, the holidays mean extra time off to relax and do the things we truly enjoy. If you are one of those lucky ones and are feeling extra crafty this holiday season, show your pets how much you love them with these easy, do-it-yourself projects that will surely get their tail wagging!


1. DIY Dog Leash Holder

You might be surprised when your guests ask you where you purchased this personalized dog leash holder! Go ahead and humble brag when you tell them you made it yourself!


2. Cheap and chic pet bed

If you can spare just an hour of your time, you can make this DIY dog bed for your favorite furry friend. It’s quick, easy, inexpensive and comfortable!


3. Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats

You can never go wrong with homemade dog treats for your furry friend. (HINT: Top with NuPath to make a delicious AND healthy peanut butter pumpkin treat!


4. DIY T-shirt toy

Make the most out of your winter purge by turning your old t-shirts into toys for Fido. Hours of fun without the extra cost!


5. Dog Treat Dispenser

Get your dog’s brain pumping while he plays with this interactive treat dispenser that rewards them for a job well done!

So, get those creative juices flowing this holiday season and make the break a bit more fun… for all members of the family!

Happy Holidays from NuPath!

What You Should Know About Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie Filling

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and pumpkin spice is back! That’s right, the fall craze among humans is pumpkin everything! From pumpkin lattes to pumpkin pasta sauce, it seems like there is nothing it can’t be added to. And the same goes for our pups! The delicious trend has gone to the dogs and it’s being well favored by four-legged testers everywhere.  If you’re one of the pet parents giving or thinking about giving this fall fruit to your furry friends, there are a few things you need to know.

Canned pumpkin products may be delicious, but they lack nutritional value and can include many ingredients our dogs simply don’t need. NuPath® offers a superior pumpkin puree that includes healthy active ingredients and still maintains the delicious taste, which means you can be sure your pet is getting all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.

Many traditional grocery store pumpkin product brands add unnecessary ingredients like sugar, cornstarch, and salt, which are not recommended in doggie diets. And while regular canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie filling might taste great to us, they don’t provide the nutritional benefits that would allow your dog to fully reap the benefits of the power of pumpkin. Not only that, but many products that claim to be “pumpkin spice” flavored get away with adding just a few key spices and might not actually include any pumpkin at all.  

So, while you’re making your grocery list (and checking it twice) this fall, make sure the only pumpkin on your list is NuPath® pumpkin puree dog supplements to ensure your pups are getting the max nutrition possible! After all, NuPath has been veterinarian developed just for dogs, not our holiday dessert!

Here’s a bit more about our formulas for your reference:

The Hip & Joint formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are widely recognized as key building blocks to promote mobility and optimal joint health. The Digestion formula contains oat fiber and psyllium in addition to the already easily digestible pumpkin puree base, providing multiple sources of fiber to help promote healthy digestion. The calming formula contains L-Theanine, which helps alleviate stress and promotes relaxation. Our Skin & Coat formula contains Omegas 3,6 and 9, Vitamin A and flaxseed oil to help maintain skin and promote a healthy coat. And best of all, dogs love it! In a controlled kennel environment, palatability tests resulted in a 90% acceptance rate, meaning NuPath® is nutritious AND delicious!

The Gift of Good Digestion

The holidays are in full swing and if you are like most dog-lovers, your pal has made it to the top of your gift list. With hundreds of products on the market, it can be difficult to find the “pawfect” present for your furry friends during the holidays, but you are in luck! NuPath is the gift that keeps on giving, 365 days a year, to your pup’s digestive health. Plus it tastes so good, they’ll never know it’s actually good for them too!

Pumpkin has long been recommended by veterinarians for dogs with digestive issues. It’s an amazing “super-food” because it helps with both diarrhea and constipation. Pumpkin is also high in fiber and Vitamin A, which are very important for dogs. Plus, most dogs like the taste of pumpkin and will easily eat it either alone or mixed into their food.

In addition to the benefits of pumpkin, the power of our supplements is in the Pure-Ease™ formula, a proprietary pumpkin puree blend that continues the digestive benefits found in NuPath®. Puree is easy for dogs to digest, resulting in greater bioavailability and absorption of the active ingredients, while the soluble fiber in the pumpkin blend naturally supports a healthy digestive tract.

Although each of our supplements are supported by ingredients that improve digestion, our Digestion formula contains oat fiber and psyllium in addition to the pumpkin puree base, providing multiple sources of fiber that continue to support Fido’s digestive health.

So, whether you exchange gifts around the tree or with the lighting of candles, remember that NuPath® supplements support the health and happiness of your pup long after the conclusion of the holidays!

Maintaining That Fall Coat

The cold fall months are upon us! As we start lighting the fire in the evening, turning on our heaters and packing on the layers, it’s important that we also keep our furry friends in mind. By ensuring their fur is in tiptop shape, you will also be helping to keep them warm and comfortable.  Smooth, untangled, healthy fur is best for keeping your canine companions looking and feeling their best and we’ve got just the way to do it!

NuPath® and the power of Pure-Ease™, the proprietary pumpkin puree blend base, allows for maximum absorption of the active ingredients while at the same time helping support a healthy digestive tract – double bonus! 

Specifically, our Skin & Coat formula is packed with Vitamin A, Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and flaxseed to help with those dry flaky skin issues that come with the low humidity and cold weather this time of year. The Skin & Coat formula also promotes healthy, thick, shiny fur, which is great for playing outside in the snow, and of course looks good in pictures for the holiday cards! This deliciously smart supplement can be easily added to your dog’s meal or your dog can lick it directly off the spoon.

Pairing our supplement with regular grooming and a massaging brush a couple times a week will help keep the coat looking fresh and clean on the outside and help promote healthy coat growth from the inside. This simple addition to your dog’s diet not only tastes great, it helps them to enjoy the holiday season and cool weather as much as we do!

It’s Time for Fido Friendly Magazine’s Fall Giveaway

Do you want a chance to win one of each of the NuPath® blends? We thought you might! Our friends over at Fido Friendly Magazine are hosting their Fido Friendly Fall Giveaway, which means you have a chance to take home four squeeze packs of deliciously healthy, dog-approved pumpkin puree. (We know – it’s tail-waggingly exciting!)




One (1) Hip & Joint squeeze pack

One (1) Skin & Coat squeeze pack

One (1) Digestion squeeze pack

One (1) Calming squeeze pack



Send an email to with “FALL” in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email.

One winner will be chosen and announced on December 1st, so mark your calendars and follow them on Facebook to see if you’re the winner!

Good luck!


5 Reasons to Introduce Your Dog to Pumpkin

Surely you’ve heard about the super food that’s gone to the dogs, right? Pumpkin is not just healthy for us; it’s healthy for our dogs too! Veterinarians have recommended it for dogs with digestive issues for years. It helps with diarrhea and constipation, and most dogs enjoy the taste. As an added bonus, NuPath® squeeze pouches make it easy to serve this power-packed supplement to your favorite furry friend!

So here are the top five health reasons (other than the fact that pumpkin is so “in” right now) you should be giving your dog pumpkin on a regular basis:

1.    Digestion

In its pure form, pumpkin is one of nature’s best fruits for regulating digestion and promoting a healthy digestive tract.  NuPath® pumpkin puree pouches do not contain any added sugars or fillers, unlike the regular canned pumpkin filling you see in the grocery store.  *NOTE: pumpkin pie filling is not the same thing as pure pumpkin puree, people! The proprietary Pure-Ease™ pumpkin puree base in NuPath® also contains oat fiber and psyllium, providing multiple sources of fiber which helps promote healthy digestion even more.

2.    Palatability

Pumpkin agrees with most dogs’ palates. In fact, they might even consider it a delicious treat!  And let’s face it, they’re too smart to be fooled by hidden pills and bland supplements, so why not give them something they actually like?

3.    Absorption

Unlike some pills and other supplements, the soluble fiber in NuPath® makes it easy for the dog’s system to absorb the supplement ingredients, such as the glucosamine in our Hip & Joint formula.  In other words, with just one serving your pet is utilizing more of the ingredients instead of feeding them to the lawn! 

4.    Yummy Food Topper

If your dog isn’t a fan of dry kibble, refer back to reason number 2. Dogs enjoy pumpkin, so just top that kibble off with a #SpoonfulADay to add a little extra jazz to Fido’s dinner.

5.    BONUS: NuPath™ Supplements!

As if the #PowerOfPumpkin wasn’t enough, NuPath® with Pure-Ease comes in four distinct supplements to aid in hip and joint mobility, promote calming,  support a healthy skin  and coat, or focus on healthy digestion. This means you’re getting two benefits in one – regular and comfortable digestion plus support for the specific supplemental needs of your Best Furry Friend. 

Our Story Begins with Rudy

DogGestive Daily is a company started by people who love their dogs, plain and simple.  But it all really begins with a little dog named Rudy.  One of the company’s founders (and Rudy’s biggest fan) looked out in his backyard one day and noticed Rudy looked uncomfortable.  Rudy wasn’t sick; he just seemed to be having digestive problems.  To put it candidly, Rudy was having trouble pooping.  

Rudy’s owner began researching digestive help for dogs and learned all-natural pumpkin is one of the best remedies to help a dog’s digestion.  Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber and many pet foods do not provide an adequate amount of daily fiber for dogs.  Pumpkin also is an amazing food for dogs because it can help relieve both constipation and diarrhea.  Best of all, most dogs like to eat pumpkin! 

Problem was, pumpkin – without sugars or pie fillers – isn’t consistently available in the marketplace.

Dogs need digestive help just like we do and Rudy’s owner saw a need for a healthy and convenient digestive supplement for dogs.  Human indigestion is something we all know about but did you know canine indigestion also can be a problem for dogs? 

After talking with veterinarians who endorse the use of pumpkin for dogs, Rudy’s owner decided to develop DogGestive Daily.  Relying on his years of experience in the consumer food product industry, Rudy’s owner worked closely with a veterinarian who specializes in animal nutrition research and together they developed the unique blend of pumpkin, oat fiber and psyllium that is DogGestive Daily.

In a world full of canine health products, DogGestive Daily wanted to do something different. Our healthy fiber supplement will help your dog live a life of comfort and happiness.

Our convenient and pre-mixed squeeze packets make it easy to maintain your dog’s digestive health.  DogGestive Daily is recommended for all small and large breeds – every dog deserves good digestive health!

And Rudy?  Well, he’s feeling just fine now, thanks to DogGestive Daily.